WHOAMI: Brannon B


Hello and thanks for checking out my site, I am a former hacker, Yes I know. Its a very over rated term. But in a sandbox, I am the guy who hacks the hackers hackerz. You get it? hehe! No Script Kid Here. Some of my former friends can be found at http://pwned.digital Yes this was some 20 years ago, 

But guess what, We are Anonymous. Truly tho, I can say with a certain level of confidence, I have been with the best hacking crew of its time. Hacking linux.org was nothing, owning the sbc noc was nothing, ya phone phreaker too, HI XT. =/ Shouts to Morgan, The UT, American Greed Featured an Episode on my former foe. Get RIch or Die Trying. SoupNaziizSoupnazi… Hehehe! We use to hack sites for the emails to spam, Now they call that a Data Breach. LOL!!! Let me tell you about Data Breaches Friend…… Thats another day….. When i got more time. 


/insert cool picture/